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  • new page CyberTARDIS
    created by JFranklin489
    New page: The CyberTARDIS was a type 38 Tardis that was highly modified, most of the console’s electrical impulses were wired directly into the CyberTally’s...
  • new page Tardis Dream Crabs
    created by JFranklin489
    New page: The Tardis Dream Crabs were originally normal dream crabs that started digesting the inside of the main console, as they did that they released an...
  • edit Tom Jones’ TARDIS
    edited by JFranklin489 diff
  • edit Creeper Wife
    edited by JFranklin489 diff
    Summary: Sonic
  • new page Tom Jones’ TARDIS
    created by JFranklin489
    New page: Thomas Jones’ TARDIS was a follow up from Jack Franklin’s Doctor’s Console that blew up during his regeneration. At first it was an uncoloured wooden...
  • new page Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver
    created by JFranklin489
    New page: The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver is highly advanced compared to its predecessor, it has a Wood Setting, and can cut off life signals to temporarily...
    Summary: J
  • new page Jack Franklin’s TARDIS
    created by JFranklin489
    New page: Jack’s TARDIS is made out of lots of things, it’s partly made from wood, partly cardboard and partly plastic, it has changed 3 times previously due...
    Summary: U
  • new page Doctor Who: Not A lot Of Time
    created by JFranklin489
    New page: Not A lot Of Time Edward is going about her day when she realises something is off. She calls the doctor explaining how Time is passing abnormally...
    Summary: Stuff
  • new page Jack
    created by JFranklin489
    New page: Jack was a Humanoid from a different planet similar to earth, he travelled with the Doctor and could pilot the tardis just as well. His face was...
  • new page Edward Hughes
    created by JFranklin489
    New page: Edward Hughes was a Human who travelled with the Doctor. She had been Genetically Modified by her Scientist Parents when she was younger because they...

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